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Rescue and Rehome

Current and Past rescued or rehomed dogs that the EMDAA have had involvement with.

The Estrela Mountain Dog Association appreciates all volunteers, donations of time or money,  and most especially the foster and forever homes we get for these amazing dogs.

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Bruce: May 2012, Originated Ontario Candada, permanent home in Canada.

Bruce Bruce came to the EMDAA rescue as a surrendered dog  who was bred by an uknown "back yard breeder" in Canada (parents were said to be imported from Portugal). 


 Thankfully we were able to find him a forever home as a working dog (in training) on a farm in Canada.


 The cost of transport, fostering, and vetting (neuter, shots, etc) was graciously donated by our club president, Martine Elias.







Beau: May 2007 Originated in Missouri, permanent home in North Carolina.


Robin and her Estrela rescue, BeauThe EMDAA learned of Beau when a club member was contacted by a woman (Mary) in the Springfield, MO area (the club member, Gary, maintains a Molosser Breeders website).


We soon learned the sad story of Beau; his owner who moved, and for some reason, never came back for her dog as promised. She kept Beau for a year before reaching out for help -- the strain of keeping Beau was just too much (on top of the many other animals that have been dumped on her over the years). The EMDAA quickly contacted Mary. We soon found a potential owner for Beau, and arranged for Beau to be transported from MO to NC; where he is now in his forever home.






Sancha, the Sarplaniac rescueMolly (Not an EMD but a Sarplaniac):

April 2005 Originated in New Jersey, permanent home in Georgia.

She was going to be put down, the Leo rescue in the northeast took her from a pound, being told she was a leo.  They, howerver, thought she was an Estrela and contacted EMDAA.


An EMDAA member (Gary) picked Molly up in Baltimore and drove her to Suffolk, where she was transferred to TrailsEnd Estrelas. 

Molly lived in North Carolina at TEE for a month, then was driven to Columbia to meet Vic at MaxOMagic,  who had found a forever home for her close by their Georgia home.


Travel time and cost donated by each separate party.






Sancha (Eroica da Ponta da Pinta):

December 2004, Originated in Texas, permanent home in Missouri


Sancha was imported from Portugal. After her owner could not longer keep her, she contacted TrailsEnd Estrela for help.  TEE arranged for immediate spaying.  A home was lined up, and both parties met half way.


The first home did not work out, so in January of 2005 a 'rescue foster home' was lined up in MO.  The foster home later decided to keep Sancha.

The first leg of travel and spaying donated by TrailsEnd Estrela. The second leg of travel was paid by each party.

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