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Common Breeder Questions

A responsible breeder cares where their puppies are placed.  You can expect to answer some questions about your home and/or experience before they place a puppy with you. Do not be offended, they have their puppies best interest at heart.


Do you have a dog(s)?
    If so, what type of dog?
    How long did you have it?
    If they have passed away why?
Some breeds are not suitable for first-time dog owners, and  the Estrela Mountain Dog is not for everyone.


Are there children in the family?
    How many?
    What ages?
Some breeds are good with children, some prefer older, considerate children, and some don't get along with children at all.


Do you live in a house or apartment?
    If an apartment, does the landlord allow dogs?

Do you have a physical fence?
Some breeds do quite well in confined spaces, while others need room to stretch and may wander. Some breeders do not sell to apartments.  Some breeders do not sell to houses with no fencing. ( Physical fence as opposed to electric fence.)

Do you have other cats or other animals?
Some breeds are naturally aggressive to other animals, including dogs and cats, and some get along very well with all God's critters.
Different dog breeds have different drives.  Some do not get along with cats or livestock etc.  Some accept these as family.


Are you aware our dogs are sold with a contract?
    Do you have any issues with our contract?


Do you plan to obedience train this puppy?
Responsible breeds recommend obedience classes.  At least the puppy kindergarten class.
The Estrela Mountain Dog Association highly recommends a basic obedience class.  The Estrela can be a dominant breed.


Are you aware the cost of the puppy is minor compared to the care and maintained of the dog over the rest of its life?
The cost of the puppy is just the beginning.  Your dog will be with you for many years.

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